5 reasons to buy bamboo toilet paper based in Bristol

5 reasons to love Bristol based bamboo company Boo

We might be biased but, we think our Bristol based Boo roll is pretty boombastic! And here are five reasons to love Boo roll. 

1. Boo roll is made from FSC certified bamboo. What does this mean? FSC are the forest stewardship council international. This means all FSC bamboo forests used for cultivation of bamboo products are managed by an internationally recognised organisation. Furthermore, it means that the forests local ecosystem are considered and protected. Did you know that bamboo is an amazingly versatile material? As you have likely guessed, we love bamboo at Boo. We especially appreciate how quickly it grows, mitigating any long term environmental damage to the region it grows within. 

2. Boo roll is plastic free. You may be thinking, isn't all toilet roll plastic free? The answer is, no! Most toilet roll packets are still packaged in thin plastic wrap. Although this can be recycled in theory, the wrap needs to be taken to a designated recycle point that accepts soft plastics. Furthermore, any plastic in packaging means plastic remains to circulate in our wider environment. At boo, we believe we need to move away from plastic to avoid any negative recursive effects. This is why boo roll comes either "naked" without paper wrap, or wrapped in thin recyclable paper. Going forward, we would ideally like to phase out the paper wraps altogether, to maximise on our businesses credibility. What are your thoughts on soft plastics? Do you take yours to a local recycle point? In case you were interested in knowing more or even recycling your own soft plastics, have a look here to locate your local recycle point. 

3. Boo roll requires considerably less water to make than virgin and recycled paper toilet roll. This is because wood, virgin or recycled, requires a lot of water during to manufacturing process because it's a naturally dry and hard materials once cut. Bamboo, a member of the grass family, retains it's moisture and is considerably more malleable in the manufacturing process, requiring less water to convert into paper. We consider this a win for the environment. 

4. Boo roll requires less energy in the manufacturing process than tree paper roll. Similarly to requiring less water, bamboo is much easier to transform into a pulp as it's much softer. Once pulped, its then spun into paper to become toilet paper and all manner of other useful paper based bamboo products. 

5. Boo roll is a chemical free. Did you know the majority of toilet paper on the market is bleached white using chlorine bleach. This process turns the paper from a natural brown to a bright white, which is considered consumer friendly. The issue we have is two-fold: firstly, cutting down trees, which are also known as the lungs of the Earth for toilet paper is an outdated practice, because it doesn't tally with the current climate crisis. Essentially, we need as many trees in the ground as possible because they do such an essential job of sequestering carbon. Secondly, consumer demands, that include the "need" for white toilet paper must be addressed. We are in perilous times and any and every act that is merely superficial, including whitening toilet paper, must be considered as deeply unnecessary. What do you think? You can leave a comment below, we are always ready to hear your views. 


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