Unlocking the Benefits of Veganuary: Embrace a Healthier and Ethical Diet

Unlocking the Benefits of Veganuary: Embrace a Healthier and Ethical Diet

4 reasons to explore the benefits of Plant-Based Eating this Veganuary:

1. Save money: you might discover the financial benefits of a plant-based diet by saving money. Foods such as beans and legumes are relatively inexpensive whilst providing an abundance of health benefits. Legumes and beans are an excellent source of fibre (good for the gut) and secondary protein (good for energy and muscle repair). If you usually buy cheese, eggs, fish and meat, by omitting these  from your weekly shop you will save money. 

2. Health benefits: a plant-based diet will mean you need to replace your animal protein with plant sources such as tofu, tempeh and flaxseed. Plant-based protein are leaner and its generally considered that a diet high in plants contribute to longevity. Chia and hemp seeds are particularly high in protein, and adding a handful of seeds and nuts to your meals will ensure you stay full as well. Other health benefits of a plant-based diet might include lower risk of heart disease, some cancers and even reduce the symptoms of arthritis. 

3. Make new friends: you could consider joining a vegan lifestyle group for support and inspiration. You might find amazing vegan recipes from vegan-veterans -which might be the ticket to a forging a better relationship with plant-based foods! Facebook has numerous groups where you can seek support on your vegan journey and some local groups even plan meet-ups, usually held at a local vegan eatery! Remember you don't have to be a vegan forever, but you can continue engaging with the groups. Some meat reduction is better than none at the end of the. 

 4. Engage with the climate crisis: veganism has grown in popularity in recent years, partly due to the very real presence of the climate emergency affecting our every day lives. Discover the eye-Opening link between industrial agriculture, deforestation, and greenhouse gases. For those wanting to know more about the climate we recommend, On Fire, by Naomi Klein, Pig Buisness, a documentary as well as Cowspiracy, SeaSpiracy and What the Health. 


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