bamboo toilet roll that Elon Musk would use

Here are 5 reasons why you should purchase bamboo toilet paper for £19 in the next 24-hours

We have a 24-hour sale. The code you need is 24HOUR . 

Not, 24HOURS which might have sounded better, not to mention be more grammatically correct. We are keeping it punchy and snappy, hence 24HOUR is the code that will apply a discount of £3.99 for you at the checkout. Click here if you are already convinced! 

You might already be in the "we love Boo" camp, to which we say, "woohoo!" Or, you might still be on the fence, weighing up your options and considering whether or not Boo is right for your loo!

Boo for the loo is Bristol's only bamboo toilet paper company. We deliver locally and nationally. We plan to expand into kitchen rolls and tissues with your continued support, and will continue to deliver extra-long length products to ensure our customers receive the absolute best value for money on the market. 

Here are 5 reasons you need to purchase Boo for £19 before 5pm on the 24th Jan (in just over 24-hours!)

  1. Local e-bike delivery for Bristolians. If you live in Bristol, your box of Boo will be delivered by Zedify couriers who use e-bikes. This means your delivery is carbon neutral. Considering Bristol is currently driving a campaign towards reducing its nitrogen dioxide levels, we wanted to play our part by choosing a local courier that uses e-bikes.
  2. Boo roll is sourced from FSC managed forests. FSC is an important organisation that ensures forests and bamboo groves around the world are managed in a healthy and productive fashion. The FSC also ensures that the forests they protect aren't over-exploited and that the local ecosystems are not damaged or worse, destroyed, in the process of harvesting wood or bamboo pulp. 
  3. Bamboo not trees. When deciding whether to create a bamboo toilet paper company, we wanted to be sure on balance, that it was the right thing to do for the planet. When we read how many trees are still cut down, mainly in the southern Hemispheres for meat cultivation, we were reminded how far we have yet to go, to ensure our planet's survival in the face of extreme changes to our weather. Opting for bamboo is a major step in the right direction. Trees can take as many as 25-years to mature, and processing wood is energy intensive. Even recycled paper requires more energy to process than virgin bamboo pulp requires to become paper. Conversely, bamboo requires as much as 33% less energy to process .The mathematics don’t lie, and we think bamboo trumps paper on a number of fronts. 
  4. Boo is completely chemical free. Forever chemicals are becoming ever present in our waterways and eventually within the food we eat and the water we drink. Therefore, forever chemicals live within us too. The more companies turn their back on chemicals wherever applicable, is a win for our waterways and our planet's health. Why does toilet paper need to be bright white anyway?  In our humble opinion, Boo is a soft shade of caramel and gives the water closet a boost of creativity and character. So far, all the feedback we have received has been 95% positive. We had one customer who complained it wasn’t like Who Gives a Crap bamboo toilet paper, and wanted to cancel her subscription. We responded by politely pointing out, Boo is made in the same factory, only Boo doesn’t undergo intensive bleaching.
  5. You will consistently  save money! The fifth reason to invest in Boo is its subscription: it's a brilliant way to save money each month/6-weeks or however frequently you choose. You will never be caught short, will be saving money (don't forget our rolls are as much as 100-sheets longer than most other supermarket brands) and you will be effortlessly doing your bit for the planet in the process!
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