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24 x extra long bamboo toilet rolls

24 x extra long bamboo toilet rolls

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BOO roll provides a highly sustainable toilet paper. You have the option to purchase one-time or sign up for a subscription.

Our eco-friendly toilet tissue is completely derived from bamboo, a fast-growing grass species, making it 100% tree-free. Unlike traditional paper, which is sourced from trees and contributes to deforestation, bamboo has the unique ability to keep growing after being partially harvested.


Our product, BOO rolls, is focused on sustainability with five main pillars.

1. Firstly, our rolls are entirely plastic-free, packaged in recycled kraft paper and wrapped in recycled paper.

2. Secondly, our rolls are chemical-free, resulting in a natural biscuit color instead of bright white like other toilet papers that use harsh chemicals harmful to both humans and the planet.

3. Thirdly, our manufacturing process uses considerably less energy compared to virgin and recycled tree-based toilet paper.

4. Fourthly, our pulp-to-paper conversion process requires significantly less water.

5. Lastly, our rolls are 100% tree-free, made entirely from bamboo. Our name, "boo," is derived from the word "bamboo." Some specifics about our product include being 3-ply and offering 300 sheets per roll, 100 more than most conventional toilet paper. We take pride in our pure bamboo paper.


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