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1kg Oxygen Bleach

1kg Oxygen Bleach

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Green or Oxygen bleach is a "green" alternative to chlorine bleach, providing effective results for removing stains. Many reviewers have found our bleach to be comparable to conventional bleach and other stain removers, such as vanish. Use oxygen bleach to brighten up your entire home, including areas such as your toilet, and bathroom and kitchen sinks.

How to use Green Bleach:

Cleaning: For around the house, we recommend using 1tsp of green bleach mixed with a little hot water for scrubbing down sinks and shower basins. 

Toilet: For the toilet between 1 and 2 tsp's depending on how stained they are (!) Sprinkle the bleach powder around the toilet and scrub with a toilet brush. Leave for 15-30mins before rinsing with boiling hot water. 

Cistern: Oxygen bleach has been deemed cistern safe, but please always consult an expert before experimenting! We recommend either adding 1-2 tbsp directly to your cistern, or you can mix the amount with a little boiling water to dissolve, then add to the cistern. 

Laundry:  to address stains on clothes, either make a paste by mixing hot water and bleach powder and apply to the stain, or simply add the powder and a little water and use the garment to rub it in to the stain. Leave for a min 30 mins before washing out. To add into the washing machine, add 1/2 or 1 tbsp to your laundry for very soiled clothing. 

Our green bleach powder can also be sprinkled in the targeted area and spray with vinegar and left for 30mins. Follow with a scrub and a rinse! 

If you currently use conventional chlorine bleach and keen to learn more about its potential dangers in our homes and water, click the link below. This will take you to an article discussing the environmental hazards of EDC's in our environment. 

National Library of Medicine EDC article


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