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48 x extra long bamboo toilet rolls

48 x extra long bamboo toilet rolls

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BOO roll offer one of the most sustainable solutions to toilet paper. Made entirely from bamboo pulp - the world's fastest growing grass species, unlike paper derived from trees, bamboo grows quickly and continues to grow even when it's used for cultivation.  

BOO rolls encompasses five central pillars to ensure we remain as sustainable as possible:

1. Boo roll is entirely plastic free. It's boxed in recycled kraft paper and wrapped in recycled paper wraps

2. Boo roll is entirely chemical free which is why it is a soft biscuit in colour, unlike other toilet paper which is bright white - this is achieved through the use of harsh chemicals, which are detrimental to humans and planet

3. Boo roll requires considerably less energy to manufacture than that of virgin and recycled loo paper made from trees

4. Boo paper uses considerably less water to convert the pulp into loo paper 

5.Boo roll is proudly tree free given that is made, well, entirely from...bamboo!  


Our name "boo" is taken directly from the last bamboo - which you may have already grasped! 

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